Love always has a level of ease, joy and a sense of comfort. When you don't find love, it finds you wherever you are, and the same has happened in our couple's case. The families met and decided on this perfect match, and we couldn't agree anymore. The couple looks stunning & beautiful together, complimenting each other. Together, they fit in like a puzzle. 

Wedding Celebrations:

The wedding day felt like a cozy blanket on a cold evening on which we celebrated love and happiness with them. By the end of this fun wedding, we felt pampered and loved. 

It was stunning to us how this lovely couple planned everything to perfection. Be it the venues, decor or the outfits, this is what the best wedding photographers in Hyderabad look out for. We enjoyed capturing these two. It had a series of traditional events followed by a fun-filled wedding that we will cherish for a long time. 

Rajeev and Aushritha's wedding was a mix of high energy, pure emotion, tasteful decor, and loads of fun. The families met us with such warmth and love that we felt very much at home. 

Families loaded with love, care, laughter, and celebration. And the most important thing, two people uncovering their happiness in each other. This wedding was a joy to be a part of, from intimate pre-wedding functions to the massive wedding celebrations. 

We wrapped up the wedding with lots of love and tons of enjoyable photos.